Victor, Jimmy & Úna

Victor Lacken (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Ellis (fiddle) & Úna Parkinson (flute)

The musical trio comprising Victor Lacken, Jimmy Ellis, and Úna Parkinson is a vibrant ensemble known for their performances in Amsterdam’s folk and traditional music scene.

  • Victor Lacken brings the soulful strumming of the guitar paired with heartfelt vocals. His guitar work provides the harmonic foundation for the trio’s music, while his voice carries the narrative of their songs, often filled with the stories and emotions of Irish folklore.
  • Jimmy Ellis on the fiddle adds a layer of rich, melodic lines that weave through the music. The fiddle’s expressive range, from lively jigs to mournful airs, complements the guitar’s rhythm and expands the trio’s sonic palette.
  • Úna Parkinson completes the trio with the lilting tones of the flute. Her playing captures the essence of Celtic music, with its quicksilver runs and haunting melodies that echo the landscapes of Ireland.

Together, they create a tapestry of sound that is both traditional and contemporary, reflecting their individual musical backgrounds and their collective passion for folk music. Their music invites listeners into a world of storytelling and cultural heritage, all while showcasing their instrumental virtuosity and vocal harmonies.