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We have 2 regular sessions a week in Mulligans, including our famous traditional Irish Session on Sunday evening  (from 19.00), mainly tunes, and a more open style Session on Wednesday night, (from 20.00), with various songs & tunes, including Celtic, Folk, Pop, Bluegrass, Americana etc. from our regular musicians and some surprising guests !     

 We have gigs on weekend-nights: Mainly traditional Irish, but also traditional Scottish, folk, pop, bluegrass,  Americana and more. From ± 21.00- 00.00

We might start gigs on Thursday nights after a while: These would be mainly duo's or solo's, sometimes singer/songwriters..

Check the event calendar below....!

Every Sunday: Open Irish Session

Every Sunday: Traditional Celtic tune session, from 19.00

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Wednesday All Style Session

Every Wednesday from 20.00 All style session

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The Bradley Bunch

traditional Irish 4-piece band

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Barnyard Tea

local bluegrass duo

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Ben Reel

famous singer/songwriter on tour

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Peter McKenna, Martin Barry & Murdock McKibbin

traditional Irish trio on tour, also Saturday 8th April & Sunday Session

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Nathan Warriner

singer/entertainer on tour from Canada

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James Carson & Jordan Lively

traditional Irish duo on tour. Also playing Saturday 15th & Sunday Session

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Fiachra Meek & Kaspar Laval

traditional local Irish (multi-instrumental) duo

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Victor Lacken, Jimmy Ellis & Una Parkinson

traditional local Irish trio: ballads & tunes

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Banjo-duo: Crossroads Americana

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Event calendar



01-04-2023Barnayard Tealocal Bluegrass Trio
06-04-2023Ben Reelfamous singer/songwriter on tour


Peter McKenna, Martin Barry & Murdock McKibbintraditional Irish trio on tour
08-04-2023Peter McKenna, Martin Barry & Murdock McKibbintraditional Irish trio on tour


Nathan Warrinersinger/entertainer on tour
14-04-2023James Carson & Jordan Livelytraditional Irish duo on tour
15-04-2023James Carson & Jordan Livelytraditional Irish duo on tour
20-04-20232Frontiersbanjo duo on (mini) tour
21-04-2023Faichra Meek & Kaspar Lavallocal traditional Irish duo
22-04-2023Victor Lacken, Jimmy Ellis & Una Parkinsonlocal traditional Irish trio
28-04-2023Boxin the Voxlocal duo, with trad. ballads, pop- & pub-songs
29-04-2023SteelStreetlocal cover-trio (60's, 70's, 80's)