Sunday Session

Event calendar ( from Saturday 26-06-2021) !

We have 2 regular sessions a week in Mulligans, including our famous traditional Irish Session on Sunday evening from about 19.00, mainly tunes, and a more open style Session on Wednesday night from about 20.00, with various songs & tunes, including Celtic, Folk, Pop, Bluegrass, Americana etc. from our regular musicians and some surprising guests !     

For the time being, we still have to stick to the 1,5m rule, so all sessions will be upstairs on the balcony, where a limited amount of musicians can sit and play together. This will be shown on all television screens throughout the building for everyone to view.  As seats are limited it's advisable to inquire beforehand if you want to join a session.

And Balcony Gigs are starting again!   On a weekend night from 21.00  ( See our agenda)!

We are happy to bring live music back again!    And hopefully later this summer we can expand to regular gigs on our old stage and sessiontable again!

See our schedule below. We look forward to seeing you!

Traditional Irish Sessions

Every Sunday there's our famous traditional Irish Session from 19.00 (mainly tunes)

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Open Style Sessions

Open Style Sessions on Wednesday night. More informal open style Session. Various songs & tunes, including: Celtic, Folk, Bluegrass, Pop & Americana

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Boxin the Vox


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Fiachra Meek & Kaspar Laval

With a bit of luck, when Corona rules have loosened up....

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Three Guys named Joe

With a bit of luck when Corona rules loosen up again..

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Event calendar



31-07-2021Niall MCGuigan & Fiachra Meek


07-08-2021Boxin the VoxCancelled!
14-08-2021Fiachra Meek & Kaspar Lavalwith a bit of luck ...!
21-08-2021Three Guys named Joewith a bit of luck...!