Sunday Session

Event calendar ( Not under present circumstances ....but hopefully soon again) !

We have 2 regular sessions a week in Mulligans, including our famous traditional Irish Session on Sunday evening from about 19.00 (mainly tunes), and a more open style Session on Wednesday night from about 21.00, with various songs & tunes, including Celtic, Folk, Pop, Bluegrass, Americana etc from our regular musicians and some surprising guests !

The gigs on our stage take place on  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Thursdays gig start ± 21.00,  while Friday- and Saturday start ± 22.00.    

See our schedule below. We look forward to seeing you!

Traditional Irish Sessions

Every Sunday there's our famous traditional Irish Session from 19.00 (mainly tunes) . We hope you can join us soon...!

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Back-Room Sessions

Back-Room Sessions on Wednesday night. More informal open style Session. Various songs & tunes, including: Celtic, Folk, Bluegrass, Pop & Americana

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Bradley Bunch

Traditional local 4-piece band who have been playing in Mulligans for over 30 years! Hopefully they can add a few more years on to this record soon again..!

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Well Wishers

Traditional Irish trio, with Mark Nagle, Paul Landers & Siard de Jong. Started playing in Mulligans on St. Patrick's day many years ago, and have been coming back ever since...

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Quick & Dirty

Traditional Celtic 4-piece band: Irish/Celtic (up-tempo) tunes. All members of this band can be frequently found playing at Mulligans Open Sessions as well. Starting soon...

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Boxin the Vox

One of our favourite local duo's. Will definitely return once the restrictions are gone and we're allowed to re-open with live music again!

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Event calendar





Live Music 
Open Irish Session

Hopefully one of our local bands... If we're allowed..

Hope to welcome our musicians to play together again...