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Free WiFi

Free WiFi

Even when you're sitting in one of the most sociable bars in Amsterdam, you sometimes feel the need to write home now. We don't have stationary with the Mulligans letterhead and we don't sell stamps, but we do have free WiFi so you can send that email to your mother to say you're still alive and not to worry.

So, if you have that write-home feeling or you want to check on your stock options or maybe just play a game, ask the bar staff for the password and use our WiFi to connect to the world. Just make sure to tell everybody "wish you were here."

Thursday 16 August 2018
The gig starts 21:30h
Evan Rhodri Davies, Victor Schoenfelder & Kate Ryder
traditional music from Ireland, U.K. and France, on mandolin/tenor banjo/guitar/, French pipes/whistles/guitar & flute/whistles/guitar: tunes & songs


visuals by SG Collins