Mulligans Irish Music Bar. Amstel 100, 1017AC Amsterdam. +31(0)20 622 1330


Imagine two world-weary travelers passing each other on a lonely road in Tierra del Fuego. One is wearing a Mulligan's fleece, the other sports a Mulligans' knit cap. They give each other that knowing nod of recognition, and keep moving without another word.

Well, it could happen.

T-shirts, skinnies, and hats form the everchanging collection of Mulliganswear available behind the bar — at prices that won't make you afraid to spill something on them.

Thursday 16 August 2018
The gig starts 21:30h
Evan Rhodri Davies, Victor Schoenfelder & Kate Ryder
traditional music from Ireland, U.K. and France, on mandolin/tenor banjo/guitar/, French pipes/whistles/guitar & flute/whistles/guitar: tunes & songs


visuals by SG Collins